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The Gear Box Transmissions, LLC.


All of your Manual Transmission needs under one roof

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*NEW - Upgraded  Muncie Transmission Kits and Units now available!     *NEW - Muncie M23 'Z' Ratio 2.98 1st Gearsets-Call for Details




NEW!   Complete NEW Assembled M20 Transmission



 T56 Mounting Adaptor Plate

Plate will allow you to remove a Muncie, T10, Saginaw or T5 transmission, and mount an LS T56 transmission



Complete rebuilt transmissions available!


Ship in your transmission for rebuild!



The Gear Box is your one-stop shop for all Manual Transmission parts. We sell parts for:

TheGearBox.Org and All-TransGearbox.Com have merged and are one in the same company. Both sites sell and ship inventory from the same location, purchase with confidance!

We specialize in all types of manual transmissions, have over 35 years experience in the transmission business and have rebuilt 1000's of transmissions.

Visit our Ebay Store! Verify our reputation and buy with confidence! 

The Gear Box Transmissions, LLC.

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