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Muncie Heavy Duty Competition Overhaul kit 66-74

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Price: $165.37
Availability: This product is back-ordered; it is unavailable for ordering at this time please come back or continue shopping. (out of forged rings at this time)

Complete Heavy duty competition overhaul kit for Muncie 4 speed transmissions, 1966-1974.

1966-1974 Muncies have a 1 inch cluster shaft .

Cluster pin and / or front nut wrench also available with this kit.

Kit includes:

  • Heavy Duty competition synchronizer rings (forged)
  • OEM style BCA Max load front bearing
  • USA SKF Max load rear bearing
  • side cover seals
  • synchronizer keys
  • synchronizer key retaining springs
  • gaskets
  • rear seal
  • rear bushing
  • french locks
  • front retaining nut
  • oil slinger
  • Reverse lever taper pin 
  • small parts kit - cluster and input needles, thrust washers, snap rings and reverse lever taper pin .
  • Please specify if you need kit for a 27 or 32 spline output.
  • Kit is also available with a front nut wrench and/or cluster pin.

All parts in this kit are made in the USA, with the exception of the front bearing, which is not longer being produced by a USA manufacturer.