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Toploader 4 Speed Transmission

Toploader Rebuild Kit

Ford Toploader (RUG) transmission complete rebuild kit.


Toploader Cluster Pin

New cluster pin for Ford Toploader transmissions with pin size .890" diameter & 10 3/16" long.


Toploader 1-2 / Reverse Synchronizer Assembly with rings

Ford Toploader 1-2 / reverse synchronizer assembly. Fits:


Toploader 3-4 Synchronizer Assembly with Synchro rings

3-4 synchronizer assembly for all 4 speed toploader transmissions with iron case. Comes with synchronizer rings.


Toploader 2nd Gear 28 or 31 tooth

Toploader 2nd Gear 28 (close ratio 2.32) or 31 Tooth (wide ratio 2.78).

From $50.00

Toploader 3rd Gear 25 tooth Close or Wide Ratio

Toploader 3rd gear 25 tooth close or wide ratio.

From $50.00

Toploader Front Bearing Retainer with seal 1 1/16"

Ford Toploader OEM equivalent replacement front bearing retainer for the small 1 1/16" 10 spline input shaft.


TransJel Transmission Assembly Lube

TransJel Assembly Lube for all automatic & manual transmissions. Lubricates and holds needle bearings & thrust washers during assembly. Remains smooth and blends with all automatic & manual transmission fluids. One pound tub.


Toploader Cluster Gear Close or Wide Ratio

Toploader cluster gear for close or wide ratio units.

Close ratio tooth count - 25 ,21,18,15 WT-296-8

Wide ratio tooth count - 30, 24, 21,15 WT296-8A

From $109.00

Toploader Seal Gasket Bushing Kit

Seal Gasket Bushing Kit for all Toploader 4 speed transmissions.

Kit includes:

From $27.00

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