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TR6060 / T56 Magnum

The Tremec TR6060 transmission has a rich history and boasts several distinctive features. It can trace its roots back to the mid-2000s when it was introduced as a successor to the T56 transmission. Building upon the success of the T56, Tremec designed the TR6060 to meet the evolving demands of modern high-performance vehicles with ever more horsepower and torque.


Tremec TR6060/T56 Magnum Features:


Triple-cone synchronizer rings on all speed gears improve the shifting experience and raise the shift points to the 8,000 rpm range. Larger output shafts and better materials raise the torque and horsepower capabilities into the 650-800 hp arena, and even more on some specialty units like the ZL1 and Hellcats.  Some TR6060 is constructed with a focus on durability and performance. High-strength materials and robust construction ensures longevity and reliability under demanding conditions. Some models incorporate external cooling provisions. The Magnum is essentially a TR6060, but utilizes a Slip Yoke Output shaft instead of a Bolt-On Yoke.  It is an aftermarket unit typically used for Conversion projects.

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Speedometer sensor for TR6060 and T56 Magnum


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In summary, the Tremec TR6060 transmission has evolved from its predecessor, the T56, to become a symbol of performance and reliability in the automotive world. With a history rooted in meeting the demands of high-performance applications, its features, including gear ratios, material and construction, synchronized helical gears, dual mass flywheel compatibility, aftermarket support, and cooling mechanisms, collectively contribute to its reputation as a top-tier manual transmission in the realm of performance vehicles.