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Muncie Parts > Muncie M22 Rockcrusher Close, Wide and NEW Extra-Wide (2.98) Ratio Gear Set - Italian or Korean made
Muncie M22 Rockcrusher Close, Wide and NEW Extra-Wide (2.98)  Ratio Gear Set - Italian or Korean made

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Price: $793.06
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Prod. Code: Close Ratio 10 spline Italian 18-410-003
Tags: GEAR SETS (Muncie Gear Sets Complete, Close (X), Wide (W) and Ultra Wide (Z))

New Muncie M22 2.20 close ratio or 2.52 wide ratio Rockcrusher gear set is availabe with either a 10 or 26 spline input.

Close ratio 26 spline gear sets available in Italian or Korean made.

You must select whether you need a wide or close ratio & which input spline count, 10 or 26.

Fits all Muncie applications with 1" countershaft pin, 1966-74.

Includes 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, cluster, input/4th, & front idler gear.

Country of manufacture-Korea or Italy

Z Ultra Wide Ratio 1st-2.98, 2nd-2.043, 3rd-1.468, 4th-1.00 *

W Wide  Ratio 1st-2.56, 2nd-1.75, 3rd-1.36, 4th-1.00 (ITALIAN ONLY)

X Close Ratio 1st-2.199, 2nd-1.506, 3rd-1.174, 4th-1.00

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