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Muncie Parts > Muncie Overhaul Kit with Wrench 1966-74
Muncie Overhaul Kit with Wrench 1966-74
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Complete overhaul kit & Front retaining nut wrench for Muncie 4 speed transmissions, 1966-1974.

Kit includes:

  • synchronizer rings
  • front bearing
  • rear bearing
  • side cover seals
  • synchronizer keys
  • synchronizer key retaining springs
  • gaskets
  • rear seal
  • rear bushing
  • front retaining nut
  • french locks
  • oil slinger
  • Reverse lever taper pin 
  • small parts kit - cluster and input needles, thrust washers, snap rings and reverse lever taper pin.
  • Please specify if you need kit for a 27 or 32 output spline.
  • Front nut wrench-is designed to ensure proper tightening of the front retaining nut on all Muncie M20, M21 & M22 transmissions. It is critical to use this wrench to avoid damage to the front nut, which is part of the oil control system. The nut, if damaged, could cause the transmission to leak oil out the front. The wrench is  CNC machined and zinc plated to avoid rust and corrosion. **Wrench is designed for installation purposes only. It is not intended to use for removal of nut.**

All parts in this kit are made in the USA, with the exception of the front bearing, which is not longer being produced by a USA manufacturer.