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M5R1 M5R2 Shifter Retainer Boot / Seal
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Price: $11.75
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Prod. Code: E8TZ7277A

Shifter retainer boot / seal for M5R1 & M5R2 Mazda build Ford Manual 5 speed transmissions.

This is the retainer and seal combination that retains the shifter in the top cover and also acts as a seal around the shifter to prevent oil from leaking out of the transmission. This is a common problem with these models. The boot/seal breaks or cracks and allows fluid to leak out around the shifter. Over periods of time, with leakage from this boot, the transmission will become low on oil and eventually the unit will overheat and burn itself out.

Will fit:

  • M5R1
  •      Ford Aerostar 1985-95
  •      Ford Explorer 1991-up
  •      Ford Bronco II 1988-90
  •      Ford Ranger 1988-up
  •      Ford Explorer Sport & Sport Trac 2001-02
  • M5R2
  •      Ford Full size pick up 1988-up
  •      Ford Bronco 1988-92
  •      Ford Econoline 1988-89

Ford part # E8TZ-7277A