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T5 3.35 Gear Set Ford World Class 052

Complete new gear set for 1985 - 1993 Ford World Class T5 transmissions. This is the 3.35 ratio 052 gear set.


T5 3.35 Gear Set Ford World Class 068

Complete new gear set for 1985 - 1993 Ford World Class T5 transmissions. This is the 3.35 ratio 068 gear set.


T5 Remote Shifter

T5 remote shifter used in European (Musso), custom installations and conversions.


T5 Speedo Housing

Solid steel speedometer housing fits GM T5's.


T5 Driven Gears - GM only

Speedo driven gears. OEM AC Delco gears. Your choice of one gear, please specify:

From $18.00

T5 Driven Gears - Ford only

Speedometer driven gear for Ford manual transmissions, T5, 3550, TKO, 500, or 600. Will also fit other Ford manual transmission applications. Please check for proper fit.

Genuine OEM Ford part.

From $18.00

T5 Ford Speedometer Drive Gears 6 or 7 tooth

Speedometer drive gear for T5 World Class & Non world Class Ford transmissions.

From $18.00

T5 GM Speedo Drive Gear 7 tooth

T5 GM Speedo drive gear with 7 teeth.


T5 Ford & GM speedo gear clip

Speedo gear clip for Ford & GM T5 transmissions.


Speedo Housing Tab & Bolt

Tab & bolt for GM Speedo housing. Fits T5, T10, Super T10, Saginaw, Muncie GM applications. Includes metric & American bolt, depending on application.


Magnetic Drain Plug T10 Super T10 T5 3550 Toploader

Magnetic drain plug will fit all:


TransJel Transmission Assembly Lube

TransJel Assembly Lube for all automatic & manual transmissions. Lubricates and holds needle bearings & thrust washers during assembly. Remains smooth and blends with all automatic & manual transmission fluids. One pound tub.


Ultra RTV Sealant

Ultra RTV sealant is necessary for the proper of the case mating surfaces where gaskets are not used. 



Richmond GL4 Spec Multi Purpose Petroleum based 80w90 gear oil  ( 1 Quart )

Do not use any gear oil with a GL5 Spec, it will eat up the synchronizer rings.


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