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We also carry and sell Complete Do It yourself Super Muncie Kits. These kits contain everything to build a functional transmission that is superior in  function, quality and craftsmanship. Multiple ratios, Heavy Duty case, center plate and tail. Italian gear sets, roller bearing clusters, Heavy Duty shift plate (M23 Super Finish shown)


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Muncie Mainshaft 1st Gear Bushing

Fits all Muncie transmissions, 1964-74 M20, M21, & M22. Auto Gear USA made or South Korean made.

This is an upgraded designed sleeve that provides better lubrication between the gear and the bushing.

From $30.00

Muncie 1st Gear 36 Tooth Auto Gear Italian or South Korean made

Muncie 1st gear with 36 teeth fits all M20 & M 21 Muncie transmissions 1964-74.

From $70.00

Muncie M22 1st gear 36 tooth Italian or Korean

1st gear with 36 teeth for all Muncie M22 close ratio transmissions.

From $102.00

Muncie M22 Rollerized 1st Gear

Rollerized 1st gear, 36 tooth, for Muncie M22 transmissions, 1964-74. A rollerized 1st gear is a must in high load and high speed applications, such as road racing or circle track racing.
Does not fit Muncie M20 or M21.